Fresh British Flowers - Six week subscription

The subscription book is now open for 2019 and will have only a limited number of subscriptions available, making this an ideal gift for you or for another.  This is a service for 24 glorious flower filled weeks during the summer - where clients local to us can get a weekly flower (GU34, GU9, GU10, GU26, GU27, GU33) delivery for clients who would love to return home to a delightful bucket of flowers cut fresh from the farm.

Each week will be different as each week brings new delights on the farm and of course all will be seasonal British flowers.  Each bouquet will be made of approximately 40 seasonal stems (which compared to a well known large brand makes this a great deal).

The flowers will be delivered to a pre arranged safe place at home (so you don't have to wait in) and the following week simply leave your subscription bucket outside the door and we will replace it with British fresh flowers.   These bouquets make one, superb, large arrangement or divide it up and your house will full of scent and colour for the week (flowers are guaranteed for five days).

Price - £25 per week for a seasonal bouquet;  £150 per six week subscription


The minimum subscription is for six deliveries; feel free to extend this or pause it during your holiday time.  We are a small farm so can offer the flexibility.

We deliver on Friday's - so your weekend can be full of flowers. 

Pre payment is essential.

Please do pop us an email to if you would like to subscribe (minimum subscription is 8 weeks) or indeed give it to a friend.